[neon] [Bug 390374] New: Neon live USB never loads Xorg or sddm
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Tommy Sebestyen
2018-02-13 13:21:52 UTC

Bug ID: 390374
Summary: Neon live USB never loads Xorg or sddm
Product: neon
Version: unspecified
Platform: Other
OS: Linux
Severity: critical
Priority: NOR
Component: Live/Install images
Assignee: neon-***@kde.org
Reporter: ***@hotmail.com
CC: ***@jriddell.org, neon-***@kde.org, ***@kde.org
Target Milestone: ---

I'm trying to use the liveCD/USB to install Neon. However, when it boots
(which I have to force not quiet) it starts in tty1. Ctrl+alt+7 doesn't get me
to sddm or KDE. Using systemctl start Xorg and/or systemctl start sddm don't
work. Xorg doesn't exist, and sddm gets stuck in an error loop which scrolls
far too fast to see the output of.
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